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Classic Panettone with Candies 500gr

Stuffed with candied orange peel and Australian sultana.
Weight: 500gr
Baked handmade leavened product
€ 24,00

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Shipment in 1 working day
  • To be consumed preferably within 60 days from the production date
  • Handmade
  • Made with love
Find out how the best wat to enjoy it

The secret of our Panettone? Is Perrino mother yeast!

Classic Panettone with Candies 500gr

You will enjoy the flavour of tradition thanks to the classic Panettone by Prestigious Perrino Bakery. Its simple dough is characterized by a sensational taste and is made with selected ingredients such as Australian sultana and our candied orange peel, which provide the Panettone with an unmistakable flavour. It is also covered with the typical Perrino frosting, made with toasted almonds and granulated sugar. Remember you childhood and relive the magic of Christmas with the authentic flavour of Milanese tradition. 

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Made with candied orange peels and Australian sultana.

Let yourself be delighted by the soft taste of our Panettoni

Discover Perrino's Packaging

You will receive you Panettone in a stylish box signed Perrino Prestigious Bakery, specifically designed to transmit our brand’s elegance. Unwrapping one of our Panettone will be like opening the box of a precious gem.

The packaging has been designed to guarantee the correct preservation or the product and keep all its characteristics unchanged.