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Coffee Panettone 100gr

Filled with chocolate and natural vanilla aroma
Weight: 100 g
Baked handmade leavened product
€ 5,00

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Shipment in 1 working day
  • To be consumed preferably within 15 days from the production date
  • Handmade
  • Made with love
Find out how the best wat to enjoy it
Coffee Panettone 100gr

This Panettone represents the perfect marriage between the unmistakable Milanese pastry and the traditional Campanian one. We decided to use the unquestionable protagonist of Neapolitan conviviality: coffee. This ingredient has an intense aroma which makes us think about the scent of our grandmothers’ kitchens. The classic dough, flavoured with coffee, in enriched with milk chocolate and vanilla beans from Bourbon Islands and it is perfect to satisfy the sweet tooth. The entire product is covered with an excellent white and milk chocolate frosting.

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