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Cremino Perrino

Made with milk white chocolate
Handmade product
€ 12,90

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Shipment in 1 working day
  • To be consumed preferably within 180 days from the production date
  • Handmade
  • mad with love
Find out how the best wat to enjoy it
Cremino Perrino

Sublime and refined gastronomic experience: Cremino Perrino pralines reach the top of handmade chocolate art. 

Made with expertise and passion by skilled pastry chefs, these pralines represents the perfect marriage between high-quality ingredients and craftmanship ability. 

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Discover Perrino's Packaging

You will receive your Perrino Cremini in a refined box signed by Perrino Pregiata Pasticceria, designed to convey the elegance of our brand. Unwrapping one of our creations will be like opening the box of a precious jewel.

The packaging has been designed to ensure correct conservation of the product and keep it unchanged all the characteristics of our handcrafted chocolates.