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Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Tab

Made with Perrino Chocolate
Weight: 70 gr
Handmade product
€ 6,00

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  • To be consumed preferably within 60 days from the production date
  • Handmade
  • Made with love
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Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Tab

Our dark chocolate bar with hazelnuts is a gastronomic excellence that blends the enveloping creaminess of dark chocolate with the irresistible crunchiness of toasted hazelnuts. This delicious masterpiece promises an experience of pure pleasure for chocolate and hazelnut lovers.

The bar is made with high quality, delicate and velvety dark chocolate. Its smooth and silky texture envelops the taste buds with an incredible sweetness, creating a moment of pure pleasure.

The carefully selected toasted hazelnuts are generously distributed within the chocolate. Their crunchiness offers a perfect contrast to the softness of dark chocolate, creating a combination of textures that elevates the tasting experience to a higher level.

Carefully packaged to preserve freshness and quality, this dark chocolate bar with hazelnuts is a perfect gift for chocolate lovers or a greedy sin to indulge in moments of sweetness. Ready to delight the most demanding palates, it represents the excellence of a classic combination.

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