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Panettone Chestnuts and Chocolate 100gr

Filled with candied chestnuts and dark chocolate
Weight: 100 g
Baked handmade leavened product
€ 5,00

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Shipment in 1 working day
  • To be consumed preferably within 15 days from the production date
  • Handmade
  • Made with love
Find out how the best wat to enjoy it
Panettone Chestnuts and Chocolate 100gr

We are particularly bond to these flavours. They make us think about our childhood and the simple and delicious snacks made by our grandmothers. We decided to share with these memories with you, preparing a panettone that arises from the blending of our dough, the chestnuts from Irpinia and the sweet taste of chocolate. This combination gives life to a sensational product with autumnal scents. For this panettone we exclusively use the excellent Montella chestnuts, a PGI product, considered among the best chestnuts produced in Italy. The final result is covered with a chocolate frosting.

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