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Cassatina with hazelnuts and candied fruit

Made with Candied Fruit
Weight: 350gr
Handmade product
€ 12,00

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  • To be consumed preferably within 90 days from the production date
  • Handmade
  • Made with love
Find out how the best wat to enjoy it
Cassatina with hazelnuts and candied fruit

Our hazelnut and candied fruit cassatina is a confectionery masterpiece that celebrates the tradition and elegance of artisanal pastry making. This delicacy embodies the perfect fusion between the round sweetness of toasted hazelnuts and the vibrant freshness of candied fruit, anticipating an extraordinary taste experience.

This cassatina with hazelnuts and candied fruit is a work of confectionery art, ready to delight the most refined palates and to be a regal addition to any festive table. A hymn to the confectionery tradition, celebrated through the harmonious combination of flavors that leaves an indelible memory.

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